Belgrade, October 21st, 2014 – As of today, more than a hundred works of young, talented painters, sculptors, graffiti and graphic artists and photographers are a part of the new edition of modern art exhibition EGallery, opened in the premises of the integrated communications agency Executive Group in 9 Knez Mihailova street.

Otvaranje druge postavke izložbe EGallery

Second selling exhibition in this uncoventional gallery space in the heart of the town is a part of the innovative project of a same name, which Executive Group has started in March this year in cooperation with Š.U.N.D. association, in order to encourage and provide support to young artists.


It’s the second time that we are opening doors to our most talented young authors, who deserve our attention and support. We’re really proud to share the space in which we work and create with them, which is now ennobled with their creations and ideas. Their works are here to inspire the visitors of the exhibition, as well as our colleagues, clients and friends. Creativity and commited work on realising everything one imagines are something in which Executive Group believes and shares with these young people“, said Darko Matijašević, managing director of Executive Group, at the opening of new edition of EGallery.


The exhibition has a selling character, which enables young creative people with a chance to make a step into the commercial art market. Exhibition on three stories of this gallery are changed each six months.

Darko Matijašević,  Executive Group, otvaranje druge postavke izložbe EGallery

It is very important that unconventional approaches to presenting art to local public like this one exist. This is an exquisite chance for all young artists who are at the start of their careers. As an artistic association, our goal is to gather as much young talents as possible, and this beautiful space has helped us in that endeavour. The second edition of EGallery tells us that the project has come to life, and we are extremely happy to continue the cooperation with Executive Group“, Milica Nikolić, general manager of Š.U.N.D. association has underlined.


Besides artist that cooperate with Š.U.N.D. group, this exhibition has guests – graffiti artists, gathered by Andrej Žikić Artez, one of the most prominent local urban artists. Canvases with their works are exhibited, and, specially for the opening of second EGallery, the walls of office-gallery were painted by a talented street artist Branko Tešević Resto.


Andrej Žikić, whose works are also part of the exhibition, has stated that events like EGallery are of great importance for the affirmation of graffiti scene in the public: „I’m glad we’ve got the opportunity to take part in the second edition of EGallery and I hope that our efforts will have a positive effect on the further development and affirmation of street art in Serbia“.


EGallery will be open for public each Friday from 3 to 5pm, with a previous announcement of the visit to this email