The event art+neuroscience,a point where arts and science meet, will be open from November 14 to December 7, in multiple locations in Belgrade, where visitors will have a chance to see a diverse program, ranging from educational workshops, masterclasses, exhibitions and workshops for schoolchildren.

The fourth edition of the program which connects and confronts science and art, this year under the slogan World behind the eyes, is dedicated to the neurosciences as an active and dynamic training ground for contemporary research. During November and December 2019, these activities will be realized at various locations in Belgrade, including the Gallery of Science and Technology of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, French Institute, Collegium Hungaricum, the Center’s Science Club, and University art departments.

Using advanced technologies and authentic creative procedure, selected artists offer their insight into neurosciences and the contemporary scientific research and findings, as well as impact on humans and society. The artwork relies on creative, scientific, and technological procedures, such as methodological research, adapted experiments, intentional programming, and the use of various software and codes. Special value of this year’s program lies in the fact that all the presented artwork is developed through an intense dialogue, a direct communication and collaborative research of the representatives of both creative sides.


In the exhibiting spaces, the local artists of the younger generation will present their work, dedicated to specific topics, areas, and processes within the neuroscientific research. The work of the winner of the first national AI Lab selection in Serbia, Jasna Jovićević, will have a premier in the form of performance. This scientific and artistic project will examine how brain waves react to her music, as well as how music manipulates the brain waves of the listener.

The art+neuroscience event is the first program activity of the Center as an initial partner in the European Artificial Intelligence Lab AI Lab project, funded through the EU program Creative Europe.Stemming from the exceptionally successful collaboration within the European Digital Art & Science NetworkArt & Science project, the European Artificial Intelligence Lab AI Lab project involves a great number of the initial partners from Austria, Slovenia, Ireland, Spain, and Serbia, as well as the new institutions from France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece, and Georgia.

Within the widespread and all-encompassing domain of artificial intelligence, the project will mainly focus on the cultural, psychological, and philosophical aspects that are under a great impact of the new technologies and scientific findings.  Each organization within the network develops diverse program activities independently – exhibitions, educational workshops, conferences, seminars, performances – and, once again, an entirely original, unique collaborative events will take place in Linz, Ljubljana, Saragossa, Tbilisi, Athens, Amsterdam, Dublin, Belgrade…