We are very pleased to invite you to the great opening of an exhibition by a French photographer and artist – Seb Janiak on Friday, the 3rd of November at 7 pm. Exhibition opening is taking place in the Port of Belgrade (Luka Beograd), Atelier Blank, Dunavska 86. 

Seb Janiak is a pioneer of digital photography, as well as inventor of digital matte painting technique. On this occasion Seb Janiak will showcase several photos of large formats from two different series “Mimesis” and “Naomi”.

Seb Janiak began his career in collaboration with the famous designer Phillipe Starck, and on the world’s art scene he left a serious mark working with big stars from fashion, design and music industries. His work has been rewarded many times, and certainly everyone remembers videos such as Janet Jackson’s “Together Again”, Robbie Williams (“Rude Box”), Daft Punk (“Burnin”), Method Man (“Judgment Day ”), MC Solaar (Obsolète), ‘In my world’, Bob Sinclair (‘Darlin’), Lifelike (‘Discopolis’) … designed and directed by Seb Janiak!


High demand from fashion magazines such as Vogue Paris, Harper’s Bazaar New York, Photom and collaborations with top models and stars such as Naomi Campbell, Nadia Auerman, Janet Jackson, Gillian Anderson, TLC, Method Man , Daftpunk, Matthias Schmidt, Phil Bang as well as many headlines made him a big star in the fashion and music  industry.

The exhibition space Atelier Blanc is a new “hot spot” in town with a focus on art, design, fashion, photography.