Tourism Fair in Berlin is traditionally an opportunity to hold a well renowned international festival of tourism film “Das golden Stadttor”. Tourist Organization of Serbia  was handed out this year’s festival award for tourism film   TOS-movie titled “The Danube in Serbia – 588 Impressions” at this prestigious film competition won the “Silver Star”, the second place to be more precise.


The award was obtained in the competition between over 1,500 films from 42 countries in the “Tourist film” category, in line with  the decision of the international jury of renowned experts in the film industry, marketing and tourism

The Berlin International Film Festival “Das golden Stadttor” has been one of the world’s leading international festival of tourism film and multimedia production company dedicated to the recognition of tourism for 15 years .

Tourist Organization of Serbia has selected  the Danube and water resources of our country  for this year’s main theme of tourism promotion of our country . The film about the Danube is part of the promotional campaign of TOS and seems to be presenting the beauty of this European ‘corridor’ of the sort  on its route through Serbia. Recording the film through the eyes of a camera seems to have captured ” magical details of the river that connects 10 countries and over 100 million people, which shows the diversity of landscapes and historical sites, as well as tourist trump card of one of the largest and undoubtedly the most beautiful rivers in Europe and on its 588 kilometer long course on its way through Serbia.