Cultural Center Grad celebrates its 8th birthday on April 19th at 7 pm with an opening of exhibition B8. As an “interactive” exhibition, it consists of over 700 posters that illustrate programs of Cultural Center Grad during the last eight years. The posters are symbolically designed in the B8 format and will be shared with the visitors in the form of stickers. In that way everybody will participate in the exhibition while sticking the posters on the wall of the Great Gallery of KC Grad.

While on Saturday night KC Grad is hosting local DJs: Brka, Lule & Schwabe. Party starts at 11 pm. Admission  fee costs 300 RSD.

Cultural Center Grad was founded in April 2009 in the old warehouse from 1884 on the bank of the river Sava in Savamala district in Belgrade through which only hard trucks, freight trains and random passers-by used to go. European center for Culture and Debate, also known as KC GRAD has become an independent cultural institution widely recognized on the cultural map of Belgrade, Serbia and the wider region. With the vast number of diverse programs taking place on a daily basis, CC Grad has been assembling the audience of different generations for eight years.

KC Grad has been persistently developing its programs among which are music program, annual program of Great gallery, Artist in residence, Moda za poneti, Delikatesni ponedeljak…
The contemporary visual art exhibitions in the gallery program of KC Grad are especially distinguished together with exhibitions of applied art and design. The annual program of Great gallery is formed every year according to the selection of international jury. Amongst many projects that promote applied art and design it is especially significant to mention project that started on 2015.called Grandeurs of graphic design (Veliikani grafickog dizajna). The aim of the project is reminding, archiving and digitalizing the work of most eminent artists of Serbian scene. Furthermore, one of the novelties in the field of design is Gradstor Design Hub, dedicated to promotion and placement of the work of Serbian designers. The project is established as an independent part in October 2016 in Pop Luka 1 Street.

In its ninth year CC Grad continues to develop with the help of old and new colleagues, co-workers and partners from Serbia and abroad. Several new programs have been initiated during 2017 – series of debate Gradske price (City talks), literary program Predgovor (Foreword), series dedicated to pop culture Dekodiranje (Decoding) etc.
KC Grad is dedicated also to cooperation with other institutions in Serbia. During 2017 the collaboration was established with Center for Culture Sopot, Center for Culture Svilajnac, Museum of naïve and marginal art in Jagodina, and the cooperation with specialized hospital of Central prison in Belgrade was renewed.
Artist in residence program of KC Grad has been developing since 2012, during which many artists from Serbia, Japan, America, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Spain, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina were hosted. In June 2017 the guest of KC Grad and Belgrade will also be Sven Marquardt, a photographer from Berlin famous for working as a bouncer in one of the most famous techno clubs in the world – Berghain in Berlin.

While making photos of portraits and situations from his environment, Sven made a great artistic success. He will present a part of his work in the Great Gallery and will also work on the series of new photos inspired by Belgrade. In the period from September until the end of November Swedish artists Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Thomas Nordanstand will spend time in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina while assembling the material for their new art project.

During the international exhibition that finalizes five year’s project Frontiers in retreat, in which KC Grad is one of the seven partners, these artists will present their video work created in Japan, Egypt and America. Artists from Serbia, Finland, France and Spain will also present their work as the part of the same exhibition.