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A new gallery and new art Space has arrived in Belgrade.

We are talking about a new gallery, located on the 1st floor of the Belgrade Design District. The name is Бартcелона. The owner is David Pujadó, a photographer that has been living in our city for one year and has been organizing exhibitions during this time in two different locations.

–          Well, I looked at this small space and I thought that it was perfect for what I would like to do. The general atmosphere here is unique and while it is true that not too many people pass by here at the moment, I hope that through the exhibition openings we will change that. There are very interesting shops in the area and now one more! – David Pujadó

As Teresa Montserrat, the Interior Designer, says – the gallery is a small white cube as a complement to the dark room, a place to fit the emotions made and designed through emotions, memories and story… old elements, with their own life, used and alive again, from Belgrade and Barcelona to mix together in that white little box… the perfect container for something personal as the artworks are. It was important to use the white, vintage (old, antique…) elements, personal objects and warm materials like wood to keep the theme throughout.

bartselona concept

When arriving one can view the new gallery logo on the door, designed by Nikolina Krmar, a Graphic Designer from Nova Pazova.

–          Working with David, he always knows what he wants, but at the same time he is open to suggestions, so finally, together, we create. With the gallery logo we support the aesthetic of an interior that is pure and simple, leaving space for artworks inside to tell their stories and play out concepts. Barcelona, Serbian Cyrillic & Art. – Nikolina Krmar

The Gallery will open officially on 4th August 2014, with the work of Narnya Imrin (Maca Jerosimić) and David Pujadó sharing the space and dressing the walls. We will open that day at 19h and all are invited to come along to enjoy the space and the ambiance.

bartselona concept

September will see the start of a series of short exhibitions in the gallery, showing the work of a variety of artists, veterans & young, from Serbia, Catalonia, France, Luxemburg and beyond. 12 exhibitions are scheduled at present but we are always looking for new artists to show and are happy to receive new proposals for future exhibitions.

–          The idea is that the gallery will be financed by itself but I will not be displaying works just because they have commercial appeal, all the exhibitions will have to leave something inside me. My concept of Art is that it never leaves me indifferent. I hope future visitors to the gallery enjoy it as much as I do and that they will be interested and inspired by the artwork and want to take some to their home, their office… supporting ART.

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