Welcome to the 6th BeFem festival – a festival of feminist culture, politics and action! BeFem is an autonomous meeting space between different feminist communities and individuals where we learn from one another how to live and think outside of the norms and predefined boxes. Our aim is to come up with strategies of resistance against all forms of patriarchy, sexism, nationalism, fascism, homo- and trans-phobia and the re-traditionalisation of society that we see all around us. BeFem is also an open space for those who until now have not been part of feminist initiatives but want to explore what the F-word can mean.   Ahead of us are two days of feminist culture, politics and action! More than 80 speakers, musicians and performers! Over 1000 visitors expected! Come join us! No woman is an island!




LOCATION: KC GRAD (Brace Krsmanovica) 

Opening Saturday, 06/12/2014, 12 : 30

Opening of the 6th BeFem festival

Migrationpolitics and resistance – a workshop
With Nasim Aghili, Bahareh Razekh Ahmadi and Anneli Carnelid

“High-Heeled Shoe Guitar is Set to Take the Stage”: Imaginations and interventions in/about space
Jovana Djordjevic will discuss all these topics with Marina Markovic, Darija Medic and Zoja Borovcanin.

Half hour of twitterature
Speakers: Nina Djikic – Okvir (Sarajevo), Biljana Ginova – LGBT activist (Skopje), Sanja Pavlovic – FemWiki (Belgrade), Valentina Pellizzer, OneWorldSEE (Sarajevo).
Moderated by: Dragoslava Barzut

I Want to Ride My Bicycle: new activist platforms
Speakers: Nina D. Filipovic, Sanda Brumen, Paola Petric, Papergirl (Radmila Jeremic)
Moderated by: Danilo Curcic

Everything but the Truth
Speakers: Dunja Kukovec, Iva Cukic, Iva Marcetic, Dubravka Sekulic, Marko Miletic
Moderated by: Marija Ratkovic

First Child is a Girl?
Kristina Lelovac, Jana Kocevska and Jana Stardelova will talk about women’s issues, abortion, attacks on LGBT activists and the crossroads Macedonian society finds itself on.

Design is ideology.  Design is politics.
This talk will introduce the concept of critical design, and how it can add a crucial feminist perspective to design

Death to sexism, freedom for feminism
Speakers: Anja Kocman (Rdeče zore i Z’bork), Vstajniške socialne delavka

Empowering trans youth: trans inclusive sex ed, peer-to-peer e-mail support and everyday struggles in close relationships – the experiences of Transformering.se
Transformering.se is run by RFSL Ungdom, The Swedish Youth Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer rights.
Speakers: Hanna Hannes Hård and Carl Åkerlund

Discussion for Three with artist Helena Janecic
The discussion will be led by Maja Markovic.

Waiting for Axel / 2014 / 18’23”
Short documentary movie by Andrea Celija, Simona Jerala, Slovenia

Alice and us / r. Alexander Mihalkovich and Simona Jerala / Portugal / documentary / 2014 / 7’

Once More /d. Ana Opalić and Noah Pintarić/Croatia/2014./62’
Movie screening and discussion with Noa Pintaric and Helena Janecic – the team behind the movie

Feministic and anti-nationalistic folk music!
Sara Parkman and Samantha Ohlanders deliver Swedish anti-nationalistic folk music in a catchy, flashy and feminist way.

Seven Moldy Figs – Women rockers from Zagreb premier performance in Belgrade

00.00 maRie cheRie & TЯANS / YU-G●! / TЯ●N

Throughout the festival:

Come into Maja’s, Jelena’s or Zivka’s room via virtual photographs. Find short movies, audio notes, photos… Through this interactive content you will find stories of Roma women… and that’s just the beginning…
Roma room – web documentary – author Sandra Mandic (Lupa Studio).

Silent Disco Corner 2
Femix group showcases their musical compilations Femikseta – which promotes local women’s bands and composers.

Great Aspiration, Helena Janecic’s exhibition
The drawings shown in this series are a selection from my sketch book, and show how I understand the world and various relationships.
They are dedicated to the little things and their aspiration to become important.

Think Inside the Box with Pernilla Johansson
Do you have a dilemma connected to your activism, the role of civil society in democratization process, or your personal (feminist) development?
Take the chance to discuss this with our oracle from California, Pernilla Johansson, who has life long experience of dealing with these and similar issues. Step inside the box and search for clarity!

BeFem “Beyond the Box” Photo Corner

Scandinavian Corner

BeFem Café
The café and bar in KC Grad is open from 13.00 every day

Follow everything that’s going on at BeFem festival via hash tag #BeFem