Forget the snow globes and Netflix, Belgrade winters are a whole different story – think sun-kissed days morphing into cozy nights, where the city pulsates with a unique energy. As a local who walks these streets, let me be your guide to ditching the tourist traps and diving into the city’s hidden gems.

Movies & More: Beyond Popcorn and Coca-Cola

Don’t get me wrong, a good Netflix binge has its place, but why not elevate your movie nights with the 52nd Belgrade International Film Festival (FEST). Imagine this: rubbing shoulders with cinephiles at lively discussions, catching Oscar contenders like “The Holdovers” before anyone else, and discovering hidden gems from international cinema – all under the same roof. FEST isn’t just about the big screens; it’s about connecting with film, not just watching it.

Drinks & Dinner: Warm Your Soul and Tantalize Your Taste Buds

Belgrade’s culinary scene understands the art of winter comfort. Craving something unique? Ovo Bistro is my go-to spot, with its secluded garden and vegetarian tapas that are like a hug for your taste buds. Want an authentic experience?

Ovo Bistro

Mezestoran Dvoriste will have you swooning over endless meze platters, glasses of rose from Crete, and their legendary mastika cake.

Mezestoran Dvoriste

Feeling adventurous? Explore the hidden Russian wine bar in the Old Town, or delve into the trendy Gastroshore district – Ruke bar and craft breweries and buzzing nightlife guaranteed to heat things up. Pro tip: don’t miss the local “rakija,” but go easy; it packs a punch (in the best way possible).

Girls night out

Music & Bars: Where the Beat Goes On

Belgrade’s nightlife doesn’t hibernate – it throws on its dancing shoes and gets even feistier in winter. Unleash your inner party animal at Karmakoma, a new club pulsing with the energy of underground European artists.

Karmakoma club, source: Facebook Page

Prefer something intimate? KULT offers a haven for electronic music lovers, while BAM transports you to another world with its traditional folk, jazz, and gypsy tunes.

Strogi Centar

Feeling retro? Strogi Centar club, housed in a historical building, promises live blues, jazz, and local DJs for a sophisticated winter night out. No matter your vibe, Belgrade’s music scene has a beat to make you move.

Art & Exhibitions: Feed Your Creative Hunger

Winter doesn’t mean cultural hibernation here. Dive into the world of renowned graphic designer Slobodan Mašić at the Graficki Kolektiv exhibition. His work is like a conversation between ethics and aesthetics, and it’ll leave you pondering long after you leave. Want something more visually striking? Head to Dots galerija for “Heroes,” a photography exhibition that captures the electrifying energy of the 70s and 80s rock scene. Belgrade’s art scene is as diverse as its people, so explore and discover your hidden gems.


Sports & Kid-Friendly Fun: Beyond Ice Rinks (But We Got Those Too!)

Channel your inner Olympian at Ledena Dvorana Hale Pionir, Belgrade’s favorite ice skating rink. Imagine twirling under the winter sky (or clinging to the sideboards for dear life – we’ve all been there). Feeling more adventurous? SKC Baza offers a unique indoor climbing experience, challenging you to scale new heights in the vibrant Cetinjska bar district. For the little ones, Skakaonica transforms a former ship into a jumping and playing paradise, complete with a cafe for parents to relax and watch their little explorers conquer new heights. Winter fun in Belgrade isn’t limited to the usual suspects – get creative and discover experiences that will leave everyone smiling.

BAM club/gypsy, traditional/jazz music.

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