belgrade art show
On Monday, April 27, starting at 20 pm, Belgrade Art Show ‘Symphony’, will be held in a jazz bar ‘Sinatra’ at Dorcol.

This is the seventh art show of an belgrade artist Pavle Kneževic.

Belgrade Art Show is traditionally held every month, and already more than half a year of its establishment, is an artistic platform of young artists, which represents to large audience every kind of art.

Belgrade Art Show will bring together a large number of young and inspired poets, who will with their poetry in a magical way show artistic creativity.
The energetic singers will present a variety of different musical genres.
Performance artists will with their dance moves and body language, in an expressive and powerful way, cause a strong reaction between among the countless admirers of art.

Belgrade Art Show will organize a multimedia exhibition of drawings and projections of several short films done by young and talented directors.

‘Belgrade Art Show is becoming a center of cultural artistic manifestation of young artists, and sincerely support art, of every young talent, whether it is about dancing, writing poems and stories, drawing or painting, making movies, or singing, or creates a fascinating fashion creations’ said Pavle Knezevic, creator of the Belgrade Art Show ‘Symphony’.