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International Belgrade Book Fair, with the 58 years long tradition and 897 participants, 494 of them direct exhibitors and 446 represented companies and with 158,128 registered visitors in 2013, is the oldest, largest and best visited literary event in the Southeast Europe.

Complete publishing production from Serbia is featured at the Belgrade Book Fair every autumn, as well as the editions of the most respected publishers and Government institutions from the Region. Thus, the Book Fair is an opportunity for mutual contact establishing between the publishers, audience, authors, booksellers, librarians, book distributors and other businessmen, officials and creators, in order to exchange knowledge, information, establish or develop business or cultural cooperation.

In addition to the editions and writers presentation, public discussions, conferences, round table conferences, workshops for experts, journalists and the interested audience are organized at the Belgrade Book Fair, as well. 423 programs were recorded in 2013, 89 of them organized by the event organizer.

The Book Fair selling character provides the visitors with the opportunity of buying the latest or older editions, even used books in a separate section of the event.

In addition to the Serbian publishers’ editions, the works of the participants from Poland (most comprehensively featured in the role of the Book Fair Guest of Honor), UK, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Japan, China, India, Russia, Byelorussia, Iran, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro were available for the visitors of the Book Fair 2013.

Beside the outstanding visit of the audience, the International Belgrade Book Fair is followed also by great attention of the local and international journalists. From 1,324 accredited journalists in 2013, 69 were from abroad – Germany, France, Greece, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Ukraine, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Canada, Iran and Japan.

The Book Fair is held every autumn in the last October week, at Belgrade Fair Halls 1, 1A, 2A, 2B, 2C and 4, at the total gross space of 27,231 sq. m. The Belgrade Book Fair founder is the Belgrade City Assembly, it nominates the Board that manages the event. The event executive contractor is Belgrade Fair. The event takes eight days.


The Publisher of the Year, The Publishing Project of the Year, The Best Children’s Book, The Most Beautiful Book and The Best Young Book Designer are proclaimed at Belgrade Book Fair annually, within the competition of the local participants.

Since 2007, Dositej Obradović Award has been awarded at the Belgrade Book Fair, as well, to the international publisher who gave the highest continuous contribution to publishing and promotion of Serbian published works.

The Guest of Honor Country

A country gets annually the special opportunity to feature completely its publishing and culture at the Belgrade Book Fair. In the rule, the attendance in the Guest of Honor role is support to translating, publishing and cultural and friendly relations strengthening.

Since 2002, when the Guest of Honor institution was introduced, those were featured: Norway, Canada, France, UK, USA, Italy, Japan, Greece, Sweden, Portuguese Language (Angola, Brazil, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, East Timor, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome e Principe), Hungary and Poland.

The Guest of Honor of the 59th International Belgrade Book Fair will be China, which will feature at the Hall 2A the publishing, authors, distributors, programs, workshops and exhibitions of its plentiful traditional and contemporary culture.

The Most Renowned Local and Worldwide Authors

Since its foundation, the Belgrade Book Fair has been honored by their attendance and presentation by the greatest names of Serbian and worldwide literature. The Fair is an opportunity for direct communication with literary creators featuring their works, attending the public and other discussions, sign their books and talk to the readers.

The event is festively opened by renowned local authors.

According to the Strategic Marketing research, the Book Fair was pronounced the Greatest Belgrade Brand in 2010.