Welcome to the heart of Serbia, where November unfolds with a tapestry of cultural richness and vibrant experiences. Belgrade, a city pulsating with life, invites you to dive into a world of contemporary art, international cinema, electrifying beats, and the timeless allure of stone. Here’s your curated guide to the top 5 events you can’t afford to miss this November.

1. Remy Jungerman: Tracing the Line

Dates: Sep 21 — Nov 18, 2023
Location: DOT Gallery


Embark on a visual journey with Remy Jungerman, an artist celebrated on the global stage. From his roots in Suriname, Jungerman weaves a narrative that connects African and Surinamese Maroon cultures with the visual language of European modernism. Curated by Mirjana Dušić and Ljuba Jovićević, the exhibition promises a captivating exploration of historical paths and cultural patterns. The artist’s notable “Visiting Deities” installation from the Venice Biennale takes center stage.

2. Cinema City Festival

Dates: Nov 25 — Dec 5, 2023
Locations: Novi Sad (25 Nov — 1 Dec), Belgrade (3 Dec — 5 Dec) Dorcol Platz


Dive into the magic of global cinema at the Cinema City Festival. A cinematic feast awaits as the festival showcases 10 exceptional films from around the world. From the historic Kulturna stanica Svilara in Novi Sad to the heart of Belgrade, the festival promises an immersive experience. Be prepared to be captivated by films such as “El Planeta,” “Fremont,” and “Sons of Ramses.”

3. Lovefest Raw: KlangKuenstler

Date: Nov 24, 2023
Location: Drugstore, Belgrade

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Feel the pulsating beats and the raw energy of techno as KlangKuenstler headlines #LovefestRaw at the iconic Drugstore. The main room features a lineup including Katalina and Muhi, while the black room hosts the talents of Luka Jukic, Lag, and Micy.vid x Ivv.lmtd. Secure your tickets for a night that promises relentless beats and an electrifying atmosphere.

Legat Colakovic

4. The (Contemporary) Time of Stone

Dates: Sep 15 — Nov 13, 2023
Location: Gallery-Legacy of Milica Zorić & Rodoljub Čolaković, Rodoljuba Čolakovića 2


Step into the world where contemporary art converges with the enduring beauty of stone. “The (Contemporary) Time of Stone” exhibition at the Gallery-Legacy invites you to explore the juxtaposition of the modern age with the timeless calmness of stone. Featuring works by artists such as Petar Vujošević, Marko Vukša, and Kristina Ivić, witness how stone continues to inspire and shape artistic expression.

Curated by: PhD Rajka Bošković, Museum Advisor, Collection of Sculptures and Installations

5. 29th Author’s Film Festival (FAF)

Join us at the 29th FAF:

  • 🗓️ November 24th to December 1st
  • 📍 mts Dvorana and other venues across Belgrade
  • 🎟️ Tickets available at mts Dvorana’s box office and mts Dvorana website

Be part of a cinematic journey that celebrates the art of storytelling. The 29th Author’s Film Festival promises an unforgettable experience. See you there! 🎥🎬🍿


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