March 30-14 April

11th Edition of the Belgrade Dance Festival  


Belgrade dance festival represents one of the most prominent events in the entire festival culture of the city. This year festival celebrates its 11th edition and it can boast with the most prestigious dancers and choreographers from all around the world, mostly European countries but also from the USA, Australia and Canada. The opening of the festival will take place at Sava Center on the 30th of April.

Other venues: Belgrade Drama Theater, Rade Marković stage, Opera Madlenianum and Terazije Theater


Sava Center

March 30, 20:00
“One Thousand Pieces”
Company: American troupe Hubbard Street Dance, Chicago
Choreographer: Alejandro Cerrudo
Entry: 1100, 1300, 1.500, 1700 dinars


April 5, 20:00
“iTMOi (in the mind of Igor)”
Company: Akram Khan Company
Choreographer: Akram Khan
Entry: 1100, 1300, 1.500, 1700 dinars


April 11, 20:00
“Minus One”
Company: Les Grands Ballets, Canada
Choreographer: Ohad Naharin

Entry: 1300, 1500, 1700, 2.100 dinars, available at the Sava Center box office and at

Belgrade Drama Theater, Rade Marković stage

Wednesday, April 2, 20:00
Company: Malka, Grenoble, France
Choreography: Bouba Landrille Tchouda
Sunday, April 6, 20:00
Company: Mathilde Monnier & La Ribot, Montpellier, France / Geneve, Switzerland
Choreography: Mathilde Monnier & La Ribot


Tuesday, April 8, 20:00
“Pre-testo 1: naufragio con spettatore”
Company: Zappalà Danza, Catania, Italy
Choreography: Roberto Zappalà


Entry: 1100 and 1300 dinars available at the theater box office and at

Opera Madlenianum

Saturday, April 12, 20:00
“Wisteria Maiden”
Company: Andonis Foniadaki, Athens, Greece/Lyon, France
Choreography: Andonis Foniadakis


Wednesday, April 9, 20:00
“Shadow Play”
Company: Ballet Augsburg, Germany
Choreographer: Itsik Galili


Monday: April 14, 20:00
“Minutes Opportunes”
Company: Michèle Noiret Company, Brussels, Belgium
Choreographer: Michèle Noiret


Ticket price 1500, 1700 dinars, available at Madlenianum box office and at

 Terazije Theater

Monday, March 31, 21:00 & Tuesday, April 1, 17:00
“Hans was Heiri”
Company: Zimmermann & de Perrot, Zurich, Switzerland
Choreographers: Zimmermann & de Perrot


Monday, April 7, 20:00
“Happy as Larry”
Company: Shaun Parker & Company, Sydney, Australia
Choreographer: Shaun Parker


Entry: 1200, 1500, 1700 dinars