Under the slogan „Big Dance“ Belgrade Dance Festival, one of the most important festival of artistic dance in the world, takes place from the 24th of March to the 11th of April presenting exceptional selection of performances. In total 15 dance companies from 10 countries and over 30 performances are to be presented in Belgrade and Novi Sad. Many events will announce the forthcoming festival “Days of Dance” in Kinoteka, workshops, master classes and exhibitions, and as a part of the festival a guest play “Brodski/Barishnikov“ directed by Alvis Hermanis and performed by the famous Michael Barishnikov.

Thanks to this festival Belgrade became a renowned spot in the biographies of cutting- edge artists who create the dancing scene history, the place to discover new productions, where both famous and young authors are presented with equal care and attention. The relevance of the program positions the festival at the international scale and includes a brave introduction of new dance forms, choreographies and aesthetics.

Discovering artistic dance through its top achievements, Belgrade Dance Festival has gained large audience. Since the beginning of the festival, over 300 art pieces of famous choreographers were presented. For the past few years the festival has gathered around 22.000 visitors and 120 accredited local and international press representatives. The festival supports domestic professional dancers, teachers, choreographers and artists of all domains. Valuable information exchange and networking with international companies have broadened the perspectives, opened possibilities of scholarships and engagement of young dancers, while the domestic dance scene has been enriched by successful plays of international choreographers presented at the festival.

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