Belgrade Design Week 2013 will be held from 2nd to 9th of June and will introduce the theme of “innovation” at the traditional international conferences.

The sum of social issues we are facing in this historical moment, from environmental challenges to economic crisis, requires innovation and creativity. We need to use design as driving force for the growth of the knowledge-based economy. We need to redefine the current economic model, creating a more direct relation between investment and innovation. Design is the bridge that will connect consumers with their needs and businesses meeting those needs, using innovative ways to create exciting and successful products and services. Design simply has to become an integral part of the new innovation ecosystem in order to adapt to the coming decade. In the future, we will become more and more dependent on intangible, knowledge intensive sectors to deliver a faster pace of innovation, and enable the huge investments required in technology and science as well as the digital and physical infrastructure in the age of knowledge-based society.

The innovative nature of the programming and the quality oriented programme policy are reflected in constant pursuit and programme implementation of European innovative models and practices in the field of creative industries. Therefore, we are eager to invite the representatives of those values to present their work at our festival, both at the conference and through the exhibition. The special innovative programme segment of BDW 2013 is the Congress of World Creative Industries, organised for the first time ever, which was created to bring together all stakeholders at one place and spread their communication channels. As well, BDW was announced to be the most serious multidisciplinary educational festival in Serbia and SEE region, thanks to seven years of high quality programme and criteria of excellence in programme selection. It gained reputation as one of the three most important conferences according to foreign specialized journalists, and has secured it’s prestigious position not only in the region but also on the global scene.