The authors of the mural are the most famous Israeli muralist Dede and poet Nican Minc.
Muralist Dede and the poet Nican Minc have murals in Berlin, Munich, New York, Prague, London, and other cities, and Belgrade mural was created thanks to the cooperation of the City of Belgrade and the Embassy of Israel, which financed its creation during the festival “Dev9t” held every year in our city.

Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Republic of Serbia Her Excellency Alona Fisher-Kamm remarked that the authors came to Belgrade because of cooperation with Victor Kiš, the founder of “Ciglana – Club of Lovers of Heavy Industry and Art”.

In the meantime, they fell in love with Belgrade and want to give it something they have extended their stay, and this wonderful mural came to life. The city of Belgrade provided them with the incredible location and the necessary equipment, as the ambassador said while expressing her satisfaction that this mural made Belgrade one of the “Dede Cities”.

Dede’s murals can be seen at numerous locations in Tel Aviv, as well as in the streets and museums of the world’s capitals of culture. He draws inspiration from urban landscapes and uses different media of artistic expression in communicating with the audience. His works always rely on the particularity of the place, carry strong messages, and Deda himself insists on anonymity that allows him creative freedom.

Over the years, Deda has been working closely with Nican Minc, a street poet from Tel Aviv, whose verses accompany his works, making each of his murals an even stronger visual entity.