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Serbia and its capital Belgrade are currently affected by Coronavirus. Yesterday, on the 15th of March 2020, a State of Emergency was declared and the Serbian government has announced:

Closing all of Serbia’s borders, except to Serbia’s citizens returning home, diplomats, foreigners with residence permits plus Chinese doctors coming to assist in fighting Coronavirus in Serbia!

People entering Serbia will be required to complete a 14-day self-quarantine. Those coming from the worst-hit countries will require 28 days of quarantine (It is your obligation to self-isolate in these circumstances. Three-year jail term for not following the necessary self-isolation term).

People are advised to stay at home and to work at home. Where that is not possible, the highest protective measures must be implemented.

Pre-schools, schools, and faculties will be closed until the end of the school year. It has been stated that education will be available on TV stations RTS Planet, RTS 3 and there will be digital textbooks.

Group sporting activities will stop and gyms will be closed.

To avoid anything other than essential travel. If you do need to travel, please check on the relevant country’s government website:


Restaurants, cafes, and bars can only work from 8 am to 8 pm. (Kafeterija near Studentski trg, Plato restaurant and Belgrade’s perpetuum mobile Pastis bistro are open)

The maximum number of people inside is limited to 50.

belgrade coronavirus updates

Food stores are open and most of the big chain stores as well

People over 65 have been urged to stay at home. And younger relatives have been urged not to visit them.

From Tuesday, public transport will run according to the weekend or Sunday timetable. Night transportation has been canceled.

You will likely see an increased presence of the army at hospitals and clinics (they will be guarding hospitals with Coronavirus patients) and police on the streets/borders etc.

China is supporting Serbia – 5 million masks will arrive soon from China, as well as new respirators. Plus soon doctors/experts will be arriving.

Useful info sites:

  • Johns Hopkins University & Medicine “Coronavirus Resource Centre” – good for getting a general understanding: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/
  • IATA travel updates: https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/international-travel-document-news/1580226297.htm