Belgrade – 30.03.-30.04.2017.

Just like in other European metropolises, Belgrade photography month festival is staking place for second consecutive time and it will last from 30 March to 30 April 2017.

The festival program includes 40 exhibitions, 8 lectures and public discussions, 5 workshops, 2 photography ‘stock exchanges’ and 5 movie screening with photography as their central theme.

An international exhibition New Talents will open the festival on the 30th of March in UK Parobrod gallery. The festival organizers will present projects by Luka Trajkovic, Aleksandar McQuartz and Pawel Strzec, whose works have been chosen at the photo competition where 20 countries participated with more than 150 applications.

Instagram users got a chance to present their work and their task was to show their moment. Natasha Christia will show the visitors through the exhibition called Uncensored books, familiarizing them with the authors.

The audience will have a chance to see exhibitions by national photographers who follow current social affairs such as migrant crisis, the requirements imposed on the 21st century women and fashion photography. Among others Igor Coko, Marija Jankovic, Dejan Clement, Aleksandra Lekovic will present their work.

Visiting exhibitions by foreign photographers such as Tomas Tannini, Ruben Salgad, Martin Breindl, Wolfgang Muellner will be shown to the local audience in cooperation with foreign cultural institutes in Belgrade.

The workshops provide a good learning opportunity, with the focus on introducing beginners to the world of photography. Constructive critiques, appraisals, suggestion etc. are expected at the workshops, all with the view to helping the authors develop their work. Visitors will gain knowledge about photojournalism, fashion, rock, concert and street photography. All participants interested will be given a chance to show their portfolios to eminent national and foreign photographers.

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