BELGRADE UNDERGROUND corporate identity, MA Exhibition of Tijana Golubovic
Opening 11. September, O3ONE gallery at 19h

Clean-cut precision is the leading motive of the project. Logos, signs, posters and banners are designed as a compact unit with functional linearity in mind, mimicking the movement of the metro itself. Tijana takes a new spin on public services by introducing cultural zones into her concept – specialized underground rooms provide focal points for 21st century art –color coded, and honoring urban lifestyles through graffiti, city sports, a gaming hub and sound stages.The exhibition opens September 11th, in O3ONE gallery, at 19h. It will be available until
September 18th.

The Designer:

Tijana Golubović was born in Novi Sad, 1989. She majored in Graphic Design and Art Direction at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milano (NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti), under the mentorship of Danilo Seregni. This exhibit is simultaneously her master’s thesis  as she graduates graphic design from the New Academy in Belgrade, under the mentorship of Slavimir Stojanović. Tijana has already worked with several Italian design studios, focusing on packaging solutions and catalogue concepts.