In the city where carnism is a part of a dining culture definitely is not easy to remain vegetarian . Mercifully, there are several nice spots where one can find vegetarian specialities and raw food dishes. So, let’s see what we recommend.


Radost Fina Kuhinjica 

A  vegetarian restaurant cosseted away  in the apartment near Kalemegdan Fortess. We have already written about it so you can read the full article here.

Address: Pariska 3, 11000 Belgrade


Quite a popular place situated in King Alexander Boulevard. Jazzayoga serves sandwiches, wraps, and salads, freshly squeezed juice, tapas, muesli, and breakfast menu.

Address: Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 48, 11000 Belgrade

Pizza Botako

The cuisine is Italian but also vegan friendly.  The main dish is pizza. Reservations are required.

Address: Nevesinjska  6, 11000 Belgrade

                 Santiceva 8, 11000 Belgrade

Tel Aviv Humus House

Serves meat,  but veg options are available too. Small eatery located near Zeleni Venac Green Market with limited seating arrangements. The humus and falafel are prepared separately from the  meat, and the bread is made in-house.

Address: Carica Milica 3, Zeleni Venac, 11000 Belgrade 


FARO by Fish & Zelenish

The first Fish & Zelenish emerged in downtown Novi Sad and after a while it became one of the most popular restaurants in the entire city. Belgrade’s FARO by Fish & Zelenish represents more up-scale version, enriched with beautiful interior design which includes a stage for jazz and instrumental music. Menu offers various delicious food options inspired by the Mediterranean culture and gastronomy.

Address: Kradjordjeva 2-4, Savamala, 11000 Belgrade 

Mezestoran Dvoriste 

Hidden behind the residential building in Svetogorska St., Mezestoran represents a unique oasis of quality Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Foodies can choose between delicious meze (hors d’oeuvre) such as Croquettes from leeches with mild tahini sauce, Summer rolls with gambori and shrimp, Fresh mussels “Agioli” (in a sauce of garlic and wine) and salads and Italian pasta.

Address: Svetogorska 46, 11000 Belgrade 


This healthy food concept includes restaurant, cafe, bakery and market. You can choose from tasty raw vegan cakes and ginger juice to salads and pottage, rolls and other healthy options.  This place is super popular and very busy.

Address: Mekenzijeva 43, 11000 Belgrade