Looking for delicious after work drinks? Here’s our short selection of wine and cocktail bars that should be worth your while!

deli supermarket


 Supermarket Deli is a small bar and a restaurant that stands at 19-20 Topličin venac. The location itself is quite interesting, popular gathering place Park Palace, that provides the true spirit of downtown Belgrade is just across the street. Supermarket Deli offers wide selection of wines and cocktails. In addition Deli offers nice selection of culinary delights.

Interior is also interesting and designed by Marko Bosarovski from Re:Miks studio. Deli tends to look like a window. Furniture is made from recycled wood.

Address: Topličin venac 19-20, 11000, Belgrade 




Bašta is one of the finest bars in town. It is located in the Savamala zone, at Male Stepenice 1a.

This place has a unique vibe with views to Brankov bridge and the Sava river. It offers a relaxing experience with an exquisite selection of wine and cocktails mixed with the sounds of jazz and live performances.

Address: 1a Male Stepenice, 11000 Belgrade 




Smokvica is another Belgrade hot spot. It is situated in a historical building in the heart of the city- Dorćol. Smokvica consists from indoor restaurant and a very small, but charming garden located between two historical buildings. It offers wine, food, cocktails and various cakes. The interior of the restaurant includes few different styles that are created as one complete concept. Smokvica is designed to resemble the inside of the house with a dining room. The crowd is good-looking and refined.

  Address: Kralja Petra 73, 11000 Belgrade

                  Gospodar Jovanova 45a, 11000 Belgrade

                    Molerova 33, 11000 Belgrade



Amelie is  a popular Belgrade bar situated next to Palas hotel and the Museum of Applied Arts. It’s a French bistrolike place. The interior and exterior design are carefully selected and therefore embellished with vintage details and flowers. In Amelie you are bound to find mostly the locals.

The locals have taken to  drinking wine, sangria,  beer and cocktails and often coffee during the day.

In case it gets too crowded try to find a seat on the upper level of the bar.

 Address: 4 Toplicin Venac, 11000 Belgrade 


kultura cocktail bar belgrade


Another Belgrade’s standard when it comes to the cocktail offer. We recommend visitors to speak with bartenders and discover new pleasant types of cocktails. If you are a cocktail drinker this place will definitely meet your expectations.

Address: 4 Kralja Milutina St. 11000 Belgrade 



This is a secluded cocktail bar in a small street, just a minute away from the Belgrade Fortress. It resembles the American speak-easy concept, as there is no sign at the door that suggests that it is a cocktail bar, only the word “druid” written in lower case. But when you walk in and descend to the basement you’ll find yourself in an utterly fantastic cocktail bar. The bartenders are professionals who create miracles in your glass. All you have to do is choose the liquor base and the flavor you’d like, and leave the rest to them. When you open the door, with that lower–case inscription, just dash straight into the basement which houses this fantastic cocktail bar. They are exceptional at what they do. We recommend a sour cocktail with whiskey, Porto wine and white foam. The bar’s not really spacious, so in order to get a table, we suggest that you make a reservation before visiting.

Address: Cincer Janka 1, 11000 Belgrade 

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