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24th – 25th May 2014

Park in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade




MAD in Belgrade brings in the spirit of the vivid Scandinavian electronic music scene! DJ Lindstrøm, the king of Nordic nu-disco and famous Danish trio WhoMadeWho will perform on this year’s MAD in Belgrade on the first night of the festival – May 24th, on a Mad Dog stage, in the Park in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

From the Scandinavian Peninsula straight to MAD festival – two representatives of this scene arrive in Belgrade! Performance that Norwegian DJ Lindstrøm prepared for our festival’s visitors will be a special experience, considering the fact all the melodies implemented in his songs were played and recorded by himself! We could say Hans Peter Lindstrøm is a real nerd amongst the DJs and Producers – he prefers quiet nights in with his family, and never really goes clubbing unless he’s the one performing. So far Lindstrøm released four albums and has preformed at all the prominent European and World festivals. He was nominated for Spellemannsprisen (the Norwegian Grammy´s) four times, of which three he won!

Mad rozi

Danish trio WhoMadeWho will also perform on the first night of the festival on a Mad Dog stage. This band is most famous for their spectacular live acts! Band was formed in 2003. and consists of the guitarist Jeppe Kjellberg, the drummer Tomas Barfod and the singer/bassist Tomas Høffding. As a live band WhoMadeWho have played alongside genre bending contemporaries Daft Punk, Soulwax, Hot Chip, Justice and LCD Soundsystem. Their performances are followed by very interesting video projections, and band members are always dressed up in exotic, loony costumes. In brief, from this concert you can expect awesome music and a high quality live sound, wacky performance and general craziness! During two days of the festival more than 100 other artists will perform in addition to special live acts, but that’s not all! What MAD in Belgrade has to offer to its visitors is an explosion of sensations and experience, interactive fun, participation in the game that will continuously last for 48 hours! Two days and two nights of non-stop fun, with a premium sound system and gigantic sculptures & installations will turn MAD in Belgrade into the best Belgrade’s party of the year! A gathering place of all party animals will be around two main stages: Mad Dog and Crazy Rabbit stage, set in the Park in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art in New Belgrade. Besides the park, the party will be on the water too! For those who want to pass on the part of the magic to the morning and day, the party will continue on rafts and party boats nearby the main festival location! These small stages will present special MAD editions of domestic party collectives and their guests. The game has already begun at where the visitors can play the quiz and find out which party animal is hidden within them!

You can check out the complete performers list HERE, and watch the line-up VIDEO that will surely make your day!


Tickets for MAD in Belgrade festival are available now and can be purchased online through The price of the tickets will rise closer to the festival’s date.