Belgrade is a city where it is quite impossible to stay hungry. There is  so many bakeries, kiosks, eateries, restaurants and fast food joints on practically every corner of the city. Street food is quite popular. The locals just love it.

We can recommend a few good fast food places, such as:


This may well be the only authentic burger in the city. Burgers are made of quality meat and bread and besides the original recipe you can pick and choose more side dishes  such as sauces, French fries and onion rings. Price for the standard burger is around 3 euros.

Address: 3 Nikole Spasica St., 11000 Belgrade 


Dorćolac is definitely one of the most well-known food joints in the city centre. Its name was inspired by the Dorcol neighbourhood where it has been located for more than 10 years now. Here you can drink some Coca Cola, soda or  beer from the can and eat some of the famous Serbian barbecue specialties while on the go i.e. while standing on your two feet without sitting down at any odd table such as: pljeskavica, cevapi, stuffed pljeskavica, homemade sausage,  stuffed drumsticks and salads. For side dishes we recommend traditional Southern “urnebes” salad made of pepper and cheese, hot peppers or onion and mustard. Prices range from 2 up to 5 euros per serving.

Address: 15 Venizelosova St., 11000 Belgrade 


Bucko is a famous pizza place in Francuska Street. The slice of  pizza itself is not so tasty on its own but you can choose some of the salads for extra 50 dinars and add it on. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Pizza with beef or chicken salad added on top. That’s the specialty Bucko is known for in the city and it’s gonna cost you around 2 euros per slice.

Address: 18 Francuska St., 11000 Belgrade 


Byblos stores mainly quick sandwiches in the Lebanese pita-bread style  (hollow buns) with no additives or preservatives (recognized as  the healthiest type of bread by the World Health Organization), with servings that do not contain any additives, which are made up of  the healthiest ingredients and combinations out there (the healthiest sprouts, olive oil, garlic, avocados, famous Zaatar (thyme, sesame, olive oil), fresh vegetables, meat and dairy products ….) all fresh and prepared before your eyes. Prices start from 4 euros.

Address: 6 Nebojsina St. 


Wok Republic is an Asian fast food joint where you can sit inside, order Asian specialties from your home or takeaway. The new food joint is situated in Francuska street, near the National square. You can watch Asian chefs prepare your food through the glass kitchen. Specialties are to die for, ranging from general Tso’s chicken, Bombay chicken, Spicy noodles to Bejing Pork, and vegetarian options.

Address: 5 Francuska St. 11000 Belgrade 


Fancy trying local fast food in the Hot Good joint? It’s a place where locals like dropping by for some fast but delicious meals while listening to cool music. Guests are urban local folks from DJs, Hip Hop musicians to foreign guests.

You can find city famous foot long (50 cm) hot dogs on the menu locally called “every girl’s dream”. But also very fine burgers from beef and horse meat, tasty home sausages made of pork or horse meat, original Berliner curry wurst, mini burgers, a variety of sandwiches ranging from the ones with baked chicken with chicken cream to so called a cowboy sandwich with beefsteak, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and pavlaka cream, but also vegetarian ones with domestic goat’s cheese, olives, nuts, rocket and many other types.

Desserts are also on the menu. We suggest trying some of the sweet pancakes with nutela, plazma cookie and pineapple.

Hot Good stands in the inner city, near the Tasmajdan park. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and works till 2 AM  on work days and till 5 AM at the weekend. So if you feel like having a snack early in the morning after attending a party elsewhere in Belgrade this place is perfect. Not to mention that the prices of the food ranges from 2 to 4 euros per meal.

Location: Abardareva BB, near Tasmajdan park, 11000 Belgrade 

best burek in town


Burek is a traditional Serbian meal. It’s a pie filled with cheese, meat or sometimes it’s just empty. The most famous one is cheese burek. Usually, locals eat burek for breakfast and it is known to be a great hangover killer. Since the burek is a bit oily it is recommended to drink yogurt while eating.
You can find burek in almost all local bakeries. However, we recommend one historical-Dorcol bakery called Bobe.

Price: burek+ yogurt cost around 1-1,5 e

AT DEKI (Kod Dekija)

Pljeskavica is a genuine Serbian burger. You can eat it in all traditional kafana (tavern/restaurant) or on the street, however, the quality of the meat is questionable in the majority of places and that of course affects the taste. The one we would like to mention is pljeskavica with kajmak (Serbian dairy product) and lepinja (local bread) at one downtown restaurant called Cevap kod Dekija.

Price: pljeskavica+kajmak+local draft beer cost around 4-5 e