The exhibition “Beta_Enough is enough” will be opened on Thursday, May 6 at 7 pm in the Collective of Architects (20 Drinčićeva St.). This program is dedicated to the Biennale of Architecture in Timisoara – Beta 2020, which was held last year. Beta is a Euro-regional platform for dialogue and cooperation, whose main goal is to improve the way we build our cities. The third edition dealt with the topic of responsibility for the present and future environment, in an attempt to become a platform that articulates an attitude towards the increasing pressures (environmental, social, cultural, economic, etc.) that the construction of facilities generates.

The exhibition “Beta_Enough is Enough”, edited by the curatorial team of architects Anca Cioarec, Brindusa Tudor, and Ilka Ruby. Ilka Ruby is an editor and curator in Berlin. Together with her partner Andreas Ruby, Ilka founded an office dealing with architectural communication and Ruby Press – a publishing house that focuses on architecture, art, and other cultural practices involved in spatial production. Anca Cioarec and Brindusa Tudor – Stardust Architects seek poetic experiences in the design process, out of a desire to slow down the automation of the use of objects, spaces, suggesting moments of peace, presence, or reflection. The exhibition presents dozens of projects – local and international – created by architects who did not have enough to wait for solutions “from the top-down” and found their own ways of using what already exists. Their works highlight the ways in which our planet can be treated with respect and responsibility – towards the environment, the economy, and society as a whole. The exhibition will be led by guests from Romania, the Beta team.

“We believe that it is necessary to look at what we already have, to look at the inventory of local resources, the reuse of abandoned and unused buildings, in order to find methods that will make them alive, and demolition to be our last option; to take care of and maintain and repair a broken one, we should reuse existing ones, repair materials, remember our crafts and try to adapt them to both the design and the construction process. And if we have to rebuild, from the beginning, we appreciate experimenting and researching new materials that are good for the environment – that is. biodegradable, renewable materials, ” said architects Ilka Ruby, Anca Cioarec and Brindusa Tudor.

The sixteenth edition of the Belgrade International Architecture Week – BINA will be held from April 22 to May 20, 2021, organized by the Association of Architects of Belgrade and the Cultural Center of Belgrade. The focus of this year’s BINA program is the Belgrade School of Housing, which covers a number of subtopics.