BIPOLAR – new party series by Banda Panda! First edition will take place at the Drugstore club on Saterday, 10th December from 11 pm.

When you go inside, a prominent and visible star is bound to mesmerize you with two highly energetic streams of stellar dust. On one hand you will enjoy Banda Panda crew and local support, and on the other they will always proudly present a special guest DJ Overdose live.  Ticket price 200-400 RSD.


DJ Overdose live

Basta (Cro)

Mr. Cash


Banda Panda


Akioki Musik-san

DJ OVERDOSE started freaking around with turntables and mixers in 87 and a few years later began producing his own tracks when he bought his first and still favourite sampler the EMU SP12. He collaborated with Dj Technician as Get It Boyz, with Ingmar Pauli as Novamen and with Alden Tyrell as

The Hasbeens and did some remixes with I-f as Los Muchachos Gruesos, recently has also released a 12″ together with Cliff Lothar as The Groupies.

First releases were on the well known local The Hague labels, Bunker and Murder Capital/Viewlexx, now his releases come from all over the world (Monotone-Miami, Lunar Disko-Dublin, W.T. Records-New York, L.I.E.S. NY, Berceuse Heroique, UTTU).

He has also released under the “Model Man” and “Dream Disco” monikers.

He has played liveshows with I-f and Alden Tyrell at festivals like Sonar (Spain), Aquaplanning (france)awakenings and lowlands (Netherlands).

And did three U.S.and Canadian tours as Novamen where they played several cities plus the Detroit Music Festival among other things.

Now he does Model Man or DJ Overdose live sets aside Dj-ing.