The Opening of Pokret Concept store will take place on Saturday, the 16th of April at 4 pm in Cumicevo sokace, now normally referred to as Belgrade Design District.

Pokret Concept Store represents a brand new shopping haven in the heart of the city selling and promoting fashion brands created by Serbian young designers with an aim to combine art with crafts and design. Visitors will be able to buy high-quality and unique fashion items, accessories, jewellery, art pieces, photos and installations.

bizzare concept store

  Concept store mentioned will gather together more than 30 local designers from various backgrounds and some of them are already familiar to fashion lovers from festivals and Belgrade Fashion Week.


Mon-Fri: 12 PM -20 PM

Saturday: 12 PM -16 PM

Address: Cumicevasokace local number 42

More info available on Facebook

bizzare concept store