Black lodge is opening its doors on the 31st of March featuring  exquisite experience at the Drugstore club in Belgrade. David Lynch left our eyes and mouths wide open and now, after 25 years we will finally find out the mystery of the Black Lodge and what really happened there. You will be guided by a mystical diva Zxhrx Khxn coming straight from Vienna along with Thinker, and for our local support, the beats will be cut by DJ Flip and Stevie Whisper. Come, let the fire walk with you. Never forget that the owls are not what they seem.


ZXHRX KHXN ( aka jesuisz aka VITAMIN Z aka BADMON ZZ)

Zxhrx Khxn is an Irish/Pakistani artist and filmmaker based in Vienna, Austria. Her affinity with music is of an intrinsically selfish interest and of a welcomingly non-conformist nature which is at once warm and familiar yet simultaneously unexpected. Drawing from experienced visual narrative as an auricular experience and distilling it, expanding it, stretching it out and pulling it tautly over a space like a swim cap, allowing for a smooth dive under but no promise to resurface.


Stevie Whisper is man behind infamous YES boat parties and long serving member of Mystic Stylez sect. Punk as fuck. Topless..


Using a name of a character from a single episode of X-files is not how you build a dj career. Still, after tons of bent records, lost usb sticks, questionable gigs around Europe and a shady residency in an ex-hype spot in Vienna you got a high functioning sociopath who’s also 1/64th of the well known fast food testing conglomerate and meme trafficking ring Mystic Stylez.


Flip is a silent, humble, and respectful individual; which is often juxtaposed against the light-hearted, fiery persona of his childhood friends. Though he does not seek the role of a hero, he possesses a strong sense of dancefloor justice. Because of this “wandering DJ” persona and also being trained far away from modern-day culture, DJ Flip often appears detached to others. Despite this, he is a kind and good-hearted DJ who, on rare occasions, shows a sense of humor (albeit a bad one). To those who he is able to connect and is on friendly terms with, he compliments or encourages them to continue life and get better, sometimes offering help first hand.

There is, however, a dark side to Flip. In times when his inner darkness threatens to overcome his humanity, DJ Flip relies on his friends and rivals to keep him grounded and help him overcome out of it.