Boho Bar is a jungle and a colorful paradise. It is an oasis in the city centre, bit also musical adventure. It’s a place where you can take off your shoes and enjoy the bohemian side of your personality. In a nutshell,  Boho bar is a brand new venue where you can feel completely free!

Boho is a mixture of the unique spirit of Belgrade and design of Asia, Bali, Morocco and other exotic destinations. Set in the heart of the most significant venue in Belgrade, Kalemegdan fortress, this lounge bar / club is designed as a place where every day of the week you can endlessly lie in a comfortable atmosphere, surrounded by pillows, carpets, jungle vegetation , palm trees, statues and furniture from Bali. The focus is on a “barefoot” concept, which will give you a feeling of relaxation and connection with the interior design and the spirit of Boho.

The music will follow the whole atmosphere, so that the program will be oriented towards more underground music such as deep house, chill out and so on..Boho tends to host selected local DJs from Thursday to Sunday but also foreign DJ  stars and performers will be added  in the music programme. The entire concept will be followed by open air film screenings, yoga workshops, after work contents….

Opening is scheduled for the 20th of May. The program will start at 7:30 pm.

The special guest star is Japanese geisha Yusura, a member of world famous FUEL GIRLS collective from London.