On Friday 8 April at 18 o’clock the Delphi bookstore SKC (entrance from Resavska St) will be promoting  the book “Angel Reiki – and you’re an angel” by Reiki Master-Teacher Margarita Milenkovic, where  the author will be talking about theoretical basis and practical application of these ancient methods in traditional medicine.

As of  mid-March there  is going to be a new book, fourth in quick succession, of Reiki Mater teacher Margarita Milenkovic, founder and president of the “Reiki Serbia” and also the person most responsible for popularizing the ancient Reiki in Serbia.

 In the previous books she introduced the Reiki – as a method of traditional medicine and the art of channeling the energy – and its basic principles. The author of this book is committed  to one very interesting style of Reiki, the Angel  Reiki. This style is particular in that it is based on the use of energy reaching universal energy fields.

Translation support by Angloland