We proudly announce the beginning of a theater play production which will be presented to the public in April this year.

For the first time, in a shifted theatrical space of Club Drugstore, the foundation will be set for creating a new Belgrade theater focused on nurturing artistic interdisciplinary and gathering notable as well as anonymous artists. The theater in the making is a platform for new forms of expression and it will act as a space in which apparently irreconcilable disciplines, forms, institutions and authors meet in a thoughtful intersection.

It is not unusual in international theatrical arenas to use spaces that are not primarily intended for theatre as such for this purpose – and those are almost without exception highly successful projects which open up opportunities for interactive and creatively diverse artistic behaviors.

Borderline Beauty is a confession of a clubber in the midst of a critical night this play is set in, who is reconsidering whether he’ll indefinitely stay in the ecstasy of the club or return to his rather grey everyday life. Borderline Beauty is a shout of the generation that feels like a ‘’part of the world’’, and it is in spirit, but doesn’t have the opportunity to visit  big cities they fantasize about therefore they seek asylum in the mist of clubbing. This is an ode to clubbing, an ode to one of the last authentic rituals that protects the soul for disintegrating in the jaws of corporate reality. Borderline Beauty is a hybrid between a philosophical play and and a techno party. An existential mono drama which paints the eliminatory circles that a human psyche goes through, getting closer to the pulse of one’s own purpose and existence with every beat.

Borderline Beauty is a jump into the unknown. – Stevan Bodroža, Director.

Borderline Beauty, directed by Stevan Bodroža, written by Goran Milenković, is the first play in a trilogy series. Production of  the second play is set to begin in Autumn 2018.

We remind you that a play directed by Stevan Bodroža ‘’…and others’’ is included in the competition selection of the 63rd edition of the festival Sterijino Pozorje, which will be held from May 26th until June 6th in Novi Sad, while Goran Milenković’s play ‘’Devedesete’’ directed by Egon Savin premiered in the National Theater of Belgrade on March 27th.

Meet the team:

Lead producer: Dragana Dobrić

Producers: Ana Konjović, Andrea Tešanović, Aleksandra Pavlović

Director: Stevan Bodroža

Protagonist: Željko Maksimović

Choreography and stage movement: Tamara Pjević

Digital Scenography / Light Design: Izvanredni Bob

Music: Petar Mirković

Art direction / Costume Design: Dragana Dobrić

Sound Egineer: Branislav Jovančević

Stage Manager: Nemanja Rašović