best breakfast in belgrade

After a great article Breakfast in Belgrade, which was written some time ago by our guest blogger Tavus, we are finally ready to announce the second part of this popular guide. We have chosen four places that serve delicious and sometimes budget meals that can make a cozy start for your day.

Breakfast Old Hometown Bistro

BISTRO GRAD HOMETOWN– Classy breakfast with your partner and family

Bistro grad hometown is a tiny oasis in the heart of the city. When the sun is shining visitors of Bistro Grad can sit in an outdoor yard, which stands on the sidewalk of one of the busiest streets in the city. Luckily, the yard is nicely decorated with green and has very comfortable sittings.

The food in this place is superb. Visitors can choose between a few breakfast options including vegetarian ones. We opt for scrambled eggs with local cheese and grilled vegetables, orange juice, and latte coffee. The breakfast is served until 12 every day except on the weekend when you can eat until 1 pm.

SMOKVICA-Old town standard

Smokvica is a beautiful restaurant that stands in the villa from 1904 designed by the first woman architect in Serbia- Jelisaveta Načić in the Upper Dorcol. In a short period of time, Smokvica has become a standard when it comes to dining in the city. The secluded open-air yard is tucked between the aged city facades and offers a feeling of intimacy.

Oriental breakfast in Smokvica

The food is fresh and delicious. Breakfast is served until 1 pm. Our favorite was “Oriental breakfast” with pita bread, hummus, eggs, and grilled eggplant.

Serbian breakfast at Nachos

NACHOS-breakfast on a budget

Nachos is another Dorcol standard, however with a different style of food. The breakfast is also served until 1 pm. Guests can choose from the menu that offers around 10 different breakfast types, ranging from English and Serbian to Mexican breakfast.

This is a budget breakfast at the cost of 350 RSD. The price also includes one juice and a coffee. It could be said that Nachos breakfast is a very good value for money. Our favorite was Serbian breakfast with eggs, Serbian fritter, and sausage.

PLATANI-delicious breakfast on the riverfront

Platani is a small taverna situated on the banks of the Danube River in Zemun’s old town. A must is to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful morning on the Danube river and Zemun’s old town. The place is more oriented towards traditional and river food, but the atmosphere and music played are modern. The breakfast is more of a local style. It includes two eggs, home-made sausage, bread, local cheese, and tomatoes. Coffee and orange juice are included and all together cost 500 RSD.