After a successful article Breakfast in Belgrade Part I and Part II, which was written some time ago by our guest blogger Tavus and by me, we are finally ready to announce the third part of this popular guide with a focus on breakfast in Dorcol. We have chosen three places in Dorcol that serve delicious and sometimes budget meals that can make a cozy start to your day.

Bloom, photo credits @Still in Belgrade

This hipster-like place is situated in Visnjiceva St. in the Upper Dorcol neighborhood. The concept of Bloom is quite simple and includes breakfast and brunch almost all day long. The best-scrambled eggs and omelets are made here. The prices are friendly. As well, this place is usually packed so it will not be easy to find an available table.

Our recommendation: omelet with cheese and vegetables

Lonce, photo credits@ Lonce FB page

Lonce is one of our favorite breakfast places. You can order breakfast every day till 1 pm. The menu includes a variety of healthy breakfasts from buckwheat pizza packets, omelets with cheese, and Serbian breakfast on a budget. The price is around 450 RSD and includes a meal, domestic coffee (Turkish), and yogurt. And yes, it is also located in the Upper Dorcol.

our recommendation: barley porridge (Serbian style)

Kafeterija Magazin 1907. Author: Nemanja Knezevic. Source: Before After

Cafeteria Magazin 1907 is one of the biggest cafeterias in the city. It stands in the architectural masterpiece, a former shopping mall that dates back to 1907. Next to great juices and coffee, Kafeterija offers a good selection of delicious food whether you opt for breakfast or lunch.

our recommendation: Benedict eggs