Luka Tripković opens the solo exhibition It must have been a really wonderful dream. The academic painter whose painting evokes the atmosphere of Californian landscapes is exhibiting at the Kolarac Endowment Gallery on Tuesday, January 17 from 7 p.m.

@ Luka Tripkovic

In addition to painting, Luka Tripković is the author of two novels: A Smile under the Olive Mountain (publisher Laguna) and The Black Book (publisher Booka).

Deprived of people and depth, calm colors and unhurried lines, comic book atmosphere and simple scenes dominated by California-style houses, Luka Tripković’s canvases radiate restrained joy and repeatedly warn us that what we see on them is not what is simply given to the eyes: if a painted pipe is not a pipe, then a painted Californian house is not a Californian house either. Sensuality – here is Magritte’s lesson – is never simply sensual (sensuality without ideas is a lifeless wasteland). But this does not mean that ideas in painting precede the image itself, that they hide behind the image or condition it.

Location: Studentski trg 5