simonida rajcevic

As a part of the Resonate Festival, exhibition “The Chain” by Simonida Rajčević is going to be opened in G12 HUB, in which the artist is making a new artistic experiment.

Within a multimedia installation, the artist is creating almost performative environment that deliberately directs instincts of the viewer and provoke conflict between reality and hyper-reality, animal and human, animate and inanimate, history and myth. By her own methods – reduced forms and by the content of the exhibition, the artist provides a unique and completely authentic contribution to the issues of the Resonate Festival.

Biography of the artist:

Simonida Rajčević (1974) graduated from at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. She was awarded with DAAD scholarship for graduate studies in Berlin. She is a Docent the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade since 2001. She has exhibited several solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad.

More about the artist: