On the 3rd of November famous Klub 20/44  and Belgrade- based organization Music Reactions  will be joining forces! On this occasion Music Reactions organisation will be hosting young and prospective techno DJ and producer Charles Fenckler. Music lovers can expect a special edition of “all night” set. 

Charles Fenckler

Charles Andre aka Charles Fenckler is a young French producer and the latest in new talent to join the Soma roster. Passionate about electronic music from a young age, he has matured into a full fledged producer composing an interesting style of Techno gliding between deep and melodic dub infused Techno, integrating influences stretching between Detroit & Berlin drawing inspiration from icons as Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Shed. With such musical knowledge for someone so young, Charles Fenckler invites you to travel into his universe, filled with deep and powerful Techno.

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