Cigarettes After Sex, a dream pop band from Brooklyn led by Greg Gonzalez, will perform on July 18th at Bazeni “11 April” in New Belgrade. 

Fans of artists such as Lane Del Rey and bands Mazzy Star and Warpaint will definitely greet this concert with enthusiasm!Bend Cigarettes After Sex was formed in 2008 in El Paso, led by Gonzalez  and followed by numerous authorial stages until the release of the highly praised debut “I” four years later.

Fantastic songs like “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby” featuring 42 million views on YouTube, “I’m A Firefighter”, “Dreaming of You” and “Starry Eyes”  went viral and  brought the band an extremely strong fan base, followed by the equally good and notable singles “Affection” and “K”, after which the band had no problem to find its place at the world’s largest music festivals.

Cigarettes after sex will be playing in Belgrade! Before that, they will visit the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, England, France, Switzerland and Croatia, as well as some famous festivals such as Primavera in Barcelona, ​​Portuguese NOS Primavera, Rockwave in Greece and Best Kept Secret in the Netherlands.

Waiting for a magical evening with “Cigarettes After Sex” at the Pools “11th of April” on July 18th!

Tickets are available at all sales points of DD Tickets, as well as via (Pariske komune 20, Hala Sportova, NOVI ZLA SHTEK Smart & Grow Shop, Blok Shtek Shop) and online at
Current ticket price is 1900 dinars.