cold press

Newly open Cold Pressok shop stands on the level 2 of shopping mall Ušće in Belgrade, next to IDEA Super Market. Cold pressok represents a small New York City like shop that sells cold-press juices (hladno cedjeni sokovi) and promotes healthy way of life.  Cold-press juices are part of this bouncing concept that appeared in New York some time ago and made a total blast on the market. It is designed for all of us, modern people who don’t always find time to eat with one simple goal to boost energy and health in the most natural way. 

Cold-press juices can serve as a part of detox process or as individual consumption. In both cases, juices can completely replace meals, for example one green juice contains 2.7-3 kg of squeezed fruits or vegetables. Technology of cold press is the only one that allows replacement of an average meal since it includes a great deal of minerals, vitamins and enzymes in one single bottle of juice. Now juices are available in Belgrade. Be sure that those are not some crappy products, all cold press detox juices have undergone testing at the Institute of Public Health of Serbia Dr. Milan Jovanovic BATUT  and received official confirmation of their safety and quality. Packages are practical and well designed.



TC Ušće, 11000 Belgrade

Svetozara Miletića 6, Novi Sad

Dobračina 23a, Stari Grad, 11000 Belgrade