fahion oblitus


Dajana Vasić just got her degree on the Faculty Of Applied Arts in Belgrade, specializing in fashion design. “Oblitus” was her graduate collection. While making “Oblitus”, her main inspiration was in the 50’s with some opposing details of Punk.



As a part of the collection, there are dresses, coveralls, and other details such as gloves, hats and shoes. Main detail in her collection were the safety pins, which she put together to make a dress, using up to 30 000 of them.

She also used the safety pins to make some accessories for the collection.

The entire concept was done in the spirit of the fallen aristocracy.

The person in charge of the photo shooting was a talented young photographer Jovana Mladenovic, with whom Dajana goes a long way back in putting together these fantastic projects, a long side with the entire team involved in the making of “Oblitus”.

Design: Dajana Vasic
Photo: Jovana Mladenovic
Video: Vladimir Ilic Lenjin
Make-up: Aleksandra Milanovic
Model: Jelena Zivanovic

dajana vasic oblitus

dajana vasic


dajana vasic oblitus