Having traveled through the crazy world of publishing and marketing for nearly 20 years, I can now claim with full confidence, that we’re finally witnessing a huge shift in our business. Some might call this a crisis. Digital landscapes have been around for years, but it seems that we’ve yet to figure out all the potential highs these new channels have to offer. One term that has us scratching the back of our heads is content marketing. And I believe, content marketing could be the answer to our prayers. According to numerous reports on digital advertising, content marketing and native ads in particular have the potential of driving in massive revenue by 2021.

Whilst wondering about some of the earlier days in my publishing career, I quickly realised that it all comes down to storytelling. The fundamental truths in journalism (values, formats) are engraved into good content marketing and advertising in general. Great. Stories. Sell. But what are the secret ingredients behind these stories? – Hando Sinusalu, Founder & CEO at case.digital.

Hando Sinisalu’s highly-rated masterclass will transform you into a skillful storyteller. This practical masterclass is based on real-life success stories – investigated using a journalistic approach. Apart from covering the fundamentals and best practices in content marketing, each delegate will return to work with one new story about their brand (created as part of a practical exercise during the workshop). Be quick, as the workshop is limited to 20 participants!

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