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The latest information on the Coronavirus pandemic and the situation in Serbia.


Residency permits: Those who have a residency permit that expired during the state of emergency must put their new application in with MUP (Foreigners Administration) before 06 June.Tourist visa: Those who are here on an expired 90-day tourist visa must leave Serbia by midnight on 06 June, with no exceptions. Or alternatively, apply for an extension to their stay in Serbia by applying to MUP (Foreigners Administration) before this date. (We think this extension is actually a type of residency permit – but would love an update from anyone who has been through this process).

How to apply for both residency & tourist visa extensions (appointment only for now!): 

People can schedule their appointments at the City of Belgrade Foreigners Administration (MUP) by either sending an email to the following email address or by calling +381 (0)11 361 8972. (The relevant procedures, documentation requirements and cost can be discussed directly with MUP). PS. The general info number for MUP is 011 3618-956.Working hours: The Foreigners Administration at Savska 35 will be working with clients on a daily basis (also on Saturdays and Sundays) between 8:00 AM and 6:30 PM until further notice.


Serbian citizens can enter Serbia and move without restrictions with a negative PCR test for coronavirus not older than 72 hours. If a Serbian citizen enters Serbia without the proof of a negative PCR test, he or she is obliged to spend 14 days in self-isolation. During the period of self-isolation, Serbian citizens can do the test in one of the reference laboratories in the country and in case the result is negative, they can stop the self-isolation. (NB Tests are only required for those over 12 years of age.)Foreigners with approved temporary stay or residence status in Serbia: Have the same conditions above ie. as a Serbian citizen.Foreign nationals (without Serbian residency status): Must provide a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours PLUS a certificate/permit issued by a commission consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior.

To apply for the permit you need to email this address: In the email you will also state the reason for travel. They need your copy of passport and flight information… and will also request other documentation depending on your reason for travel. We understand it is unlikely you will be granted entry for tourism purposes. It should take 5 days for you to get the permit from the embassy/consulate once you have sent them this information.

Please note: The COVID-19 negative test is separate from this and you will need it to board the plane and enter the country.



The COVID-19 Crisis Response Team recommended the government to fully open the borders for the persons coming from four neighboring countries – Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, and North Macedonia as of 1 June. We are awaiting confirmation.

Belgrade airport / general aviation update:

Existing measures:

  • Serbia is no longer in a state of emergency – curfews have been lifted
  • Personal responsibility is now the most important factor in the fight against Coronavirus.
  • Be aware that measures will change from week to week, if/when new outbreaks appear
  • Two meters distance between people in public spaces, parks and recreation areas
  • Use of protective masks and other means recommended
  • Public gatherings of up to 50 people permitted but must be announced to police at least five days prior
  • Safety in shops and restaurants /bars: Employers in retail shops, serving food and beverages, and owners of shops in malls must take all preventive measures to combat Covid-19: ie. a limited number of people in the space, disinfection of facilities, use of protective equipment.
  • For advice and/or if you feel you are experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus: Free calls from all networks Ph: 19819
  • Borders/airports closed: All of Serbia’s land borders are now closed (except for truck cargo) and both Belgrade and Nis airports have stopped operations except for cargo & repatriation flights.

WHO App for Info and Support

  • The World Health Organization has launched a COVID-19 information service on WhatsApp.
  • To interact with it, users will need to message the WHO account on +41 79 475 22 09 and send the word ‘Hi’ to begin chatting, after which, a list of prompts is returned to the user to access official information about the virus.