The dance play Macbeth is a continuation of the repertoire policy of the BITEF dance company, aimed at presenting new directions of dance theater development through large pieces of world literature turned into dance theatre plays. So far, Shakespeare’s Othello, Dante’s Divine Comedy, Moliere’s Don Juan and Aristotle’s Birds have been shown.

The Macbeth choreography was entrusted to a young choreographer, Miloš Isailović, who achieved a great number of exceptional dance roles in the BITEF dance company, and for his first choreographic setting Dunjaluk produced by BITEF theater, he received the award Dimitrije Parlić.

In this dance play, based on the classic drama concept, Macbeth will be the starting point for the development of author’s vision of the modern world, in the context of atmosphere that governs this famous Shakespearean work – it’s the dark world of conspiracy, crime, psychological deviations, power etc.

Contemporary choreographic interpretation of Macbeth offers a variety of stage possibilities. The character of Lady Macbeth has always attracted special attention, and what is also especially exciting in this play is the appearance of three witches, which, like all other characters, will be visually incorporated into a timeless frame, giving the audience a sense of modernity, a contemporary touch and above all the universality of Shakespeare’s ideas.

Jelena Kajgo, Director of BITEF dance company

The Macbeth choreography

The Macbeth choreography


I see Macbeth as a story about the internal struggle of two people. People with great ambitions. The whole story is permeated with female principles, determination, but manipulation as well. All’s fair in the fight for throne, or today in the fight for power and a high position in the society. Ultimately, too high a price is paid, the kingdom is obtained in blood, madness and regret. Shakespeare, through the story of Macbeth, warns us that whoever wants power at all costs never has good intentions, and is prepared to do anything to come to it. He also warns us to be careful about what we wish and crave for, because our wishes can come true. At the top we are always alone, with strong winds blowing around us, and on this clearing all our dirt is clearly visible.


Choreography: Miloš Isailović

Composer: Draško Adžić

Dramaturgy: Jelena Kajgo

Stage design: Jasmina Holbus

Duration 60′.

BITEF theatre, 24 February 2018

Support: Ministry of Culture and Information RS

Tickets 600 dinars

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– 50% for students (with the student book), primary and secondary students and pensioners

– 30% for organized groups, members of literature clubs: Laguna, Vulkan and Arhipelag

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