EXPLORE ART & ARCHITECTURE OF DEDINJE with certified tourist guide MA Marko Bogdanovic.

Saturday, May 14, 2022, at 11 AM UTC+02 – 1:30 PM UTC+02

Price: 10 per person+200 RSD museum admission fee

Dedinje is known to be not just historical, but also an up-scale area of Belgrade. It extends over the slopes of Topčider Hill and belongs to the municipality of Savski Venac. The expansion of the settlement begins after the First World War and intensified during the construction of the Royal Compound of the Karadjordjevic family from 1924 to 1936. Many wealthy Belgraders: industrialists, bankers, traders, politicians start building luxurious summerhouses, and eventually real family villas. Dedinje includes Tito’s mausoleum which is a part of the Museum of Yugoslav History and a post-war residential area. On this tour, visitors will get to know more about the history of Dedinje and the specific architecture of villas from the period of the Kingdom of Serbia, as well as from the period of Communism.

Stitched Panorama

In addition, visitors will have an opportunity to take a guided tour of the Gallery-Legacy of Petar Lubarda. Gallery-Legacy of Peter Lubarda Gallery-Legacy of Peter Lubarda is located in a villa built between the two world wars and includes one of the most important collections of Lubarda’s paintings. The painter Petar Lubarda (1907-1974) was the most recognizable Yugoslav artist and a symbol of post-war Yugoslavia. Visitors will have the opportunity to see Lubarda’s works from his mature stage and get an insight into his opus. Among his other paintings, there is a famous painting Battle for Kosovo – which was painted in over thirty variants, Man and Beasts, another famous painting in a few variants as well, and Prisoner, which is the oldest painting from the 1942 collection, created during his prison days in a German concentration camp. The Legacy now contains 27 original paintings, 9 drawings, valuable furniture as well as Lubarda’s and his wife’s personal belongings

architecture of Dedinje (pre-war and post-war villas, museums, public, and former residential buildings, monastery) + hidden gems
(we do not enter the buildings)

guided art tour (around 30-40 minutes) through the Legacy of Yugoslav artist Petar Lubarda

Meeting point: public transport station in front of the Museum of Yugoslav History (MIJ)

Language of instruction: English

Guide: Marko Bogdanovic certified tourist guide and MA in Art History

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