Deli Monday – Frontiers In Retreat Serbia

Monday, 22/09/2014, 19 : 00

Kc Grad invites you to the Deli Monday on 22nd of September. This week our main chefs will team of Kc Grad and be 3 artists coming from Finland, Spain and France, which are in Serbia within Frontiers in Retreat project*. You will have opportunity to see how artists Saara Maria Kariranta, Quelic Berga Carreras and Joanes Simon-Perret can handle in making a tradiconal Serbian dish – mućkalica. This Deli Monday is organized in cooperation with Pride Week, and has a goal to support upcoming LGBT parade which is planned for 28th of September. Event is supported by Finland ambassador, Pekka Orpana, who will, with you and us, also degustate this Finnish – Spanish – French mućkalica.

*Frontiers in Retreat is a research residency platform that fosters multidisciplinary dialogue on ecological issues. The network gathers the artistic residency programs, artistic and educational organizations, artists, experts in various disciplines as well as a wider audience. Frontiers in Retreat is organised by HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme in partnership with the art organisations Mustarinda, Finland; Scottish Sculpture Workshop – SSW, Scotland; Interdisciplinary Art Group SERDE, Latvia; Cultural Front – GRAD, Serbia; Centre d’Art i Natura de Farrera, Spain; Skaftfell – Center for Visual Art, Iceland; and Jutempus, Lithuania. The project is supported by the EU Culture Programme 2013 – 2018 and is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and the French Institute in Belgrade