The project is implemented by a team gathered around the new Belgrade Gallery NO Concept in collaboration with NFTizer and ECD, in cooperation with designer Leonid Ajder.

The idea behind the project is to establish a platform for meeting, exchanging, and establishing cooperation between artists, curators, art historians, gallery owners, IT experts, experts on cryptocurrencies, bankers, and many others. Through a common understanding of NFT, critical observation of this phenomenon, directions of digital art development, career development of artists, their new role in the virtual world, as well as potentials in this domain for the local art scene in a global context.

The first regional NFT event consists of a three-day exhibition “RAZMAŠTANI DIG(ID)ENTITETI” which will be formed through an open invitation under the curatorial editorship of Vladimir Blejicic, as well as numerous accompanying programs, workshops, lectures, panels.

More information about the programme will be shared on the website of the NO Concept gallery, and an open invitation to participate in the exhibition is attached.

Download open call invitation