This Friday “Dimensions Promo Party” is taking place at Drugstore. The party kicks off at 11 h. 

ivana rajic

       Photo by Ivana Rajić

Main stage: DJ Pete aka Substance (GER), Tijana T (SRB) & Pharmacist (SRB)

§econd stage: NHK’Koyxen LIVE (JAP), DSPH SHOWCASE: Noitu [MK] + Abduct [MEX] – Live AV mash up & Mystic Stylez crew (SRB)

The avalanche was triggered at Drug§tore’s opening night of harsh techno and concrete curves with 800m2 packed with people. This Friday, in collaboration with the Dimensions festival crew from Croatia, we’re having the infamous Berghain nightcrawler DJ Pete orchestrating the dance ritual on the Main stage PLUS we’re making a premiere of our §econd stage with special guests from Japan, Mexico and Macedonia.

▀ DJ Pete aka Substance (GER) ▀
As a Kreuzberg native growing up to the most cutting-edge sounds, it is quite clear that the sets of DJ Pete are reflecting that 20 year experience. Just imagine the amount of top-notch material he had an access to when he first started working at the legendary Hard Wax record store in ’91. From that point on, Pete became the irreplaceable ingredient of Berlin’s underground scene, evolving from a dedicated listener into a producer, remixer and dj. As a part of Scion, he was involved in the first commercial release of a CD produced on Ableton’s „Live“. Besides producing as a part of Scion, DJ Pete gianed international success with his solo moniker Substance and his remixes for giants such as Juan Atkins, Robert Hood, Rhythm & Sound and Scuba. His sets swing from Techno and industrial painted House to sprinkles of Dubstep.

▀ Tijana T (SRB) & Pharmacist (SRB) ▀
DJ Pete aka Substance will be joined by Belgrade’s Tijana T and Pharmacist aka Thinker.
After her collaborations with Abe Duque, Marc Houle and Gerbruder Teichmann, the once face of the Exit festival, Tijana T, opened a new chapter in her career after debuting at Berghain/Panoramabar this year. Pharmacist aka Thinker is producing on the Grinch Productions electronic bass music label hailing from Stratford, US, and is a part of the Mystic Stylez crew.

▀ NHK’Koyxeи LIVE (JAP) ▀
Osaka-born Kouhei Matsunaga is one of the most exciting rhythm rule-breakers of today’s electronic music. Influenced by Noise, Rap, Techno and essentially experimental, Kouhei is the one who is not comfortable in any genre’s walls. He works fast and is producing several tracks a day. Kouhei’s best-known work is „Sensational Meets Kouhei“ from 2006, an LP assembed in a single day in collaboration with New Yorker Sensational. His 2010 LP “Self VA.” is a 23-track odyssey of chaotic skronk-noise, bizarre electronic pop and abstract sonics. 2010’s “3.Telepathics Meh In-Sect Connection” featured Matsunaga, Pan Sonic’s Mika Vainio and Sean Booth of Autechre improvising in entirely different parts of the world. Matsunaga has collaborated with artists such as Conrad Schnitzler, Mika Vainio, Mr Maloke from Puppetmastaz, Sean Booth from Autechre, former Jungle Brothers member Sensational and many more.

▀ DSPH SHOWCASE: Noitu [MK] + Abduct [MEX] – Live AV mash up ▀
DSPH SHOWCASE series are bringing a cutting-edge audiovisualism to your favorite venue.
Non-genre specific but still focused on the more sharp edge of the experimental dance music, this showcases are putting together an immersive mashups of sound and imaginary. Always questioning the sonic and optical boundaries of your precious AV senses.
DSPH is Eastern Europe based electronic arts movement, running a weekly 2-hour radio show of experimental music called “DSPH Sounds” and organizing cutting-edge audio-visual events and showcases.

▀ Mystic Stylez (SRB) ▀
Mystic Stylez is a collective of djs and producers based in Belgrade exploring all corners of the current underground bass-centric electronic music. Mystic Stylez is tightly connected with the Teklife crew from Chicago, promoting footwork music in Europe with the help from their Sexy Deutsch (ZEN Clan) pals from Vienna. Mystic Stylez is responsible for some of Belgrade’s most wicked parties and bookings. They were recently featured on

▀ TICKETS: 500rsd before midnight/700rsd after midnight

▀ NEW ADDRESS: Bulevar Despota Stefana 115 – Poenkareova
(first/last stop of buses: 33, 37, 48, 58) 

▀ MAP: