Dirty podcast is broadcast every Friday from 10-11 pm at Radio Aparat. With a special deep, dark & dirty concept, we are promoting underground electronic music.

We proudly present our latest 75th mix for Dirty podcast. Our guest is Uros Radenković a.k.a Ewox, a DJ who has been a part of Belgrade’s electronic music scene for 15 years. Well known from his beginnings with Electric Factory crew, and later from DJ b2b duo Ewox & Tamarinsky, he has influenced the scene also as a Program Manager of KC Grad and co-founder of festivals MAD in Belgrade and ESCAPE. Now he is preparing his last DJ performance, which will be held on Saturday, 1st of September at KC Grad.

You are preparing your last performance after 15 years of DJing and music experience. Which part of DJing is more demanding – the music part or dealing with the physical and mental stress your body takes?

Actually, it is very easy. As I am going through my vinyl and digital archive preparing a selection of music I played last 15 years. Of course I am also digging for some fresh tunes, but all in all it takes a special preparation, as this will be my last DJ set, and I want to be very very special. That is why I didn’t record any new mixes for this occasion. I wanted to give you a MIX I recorded almost a decade ago.

Do you have some guests for the party, and where is Tamarinsky?

Tamarinsky is in Berlin, and we had our last gig together on the 5th January on the boat 20/44. It was the best gig so far, and I will remember it forever. That was the moment when I announced my retreat. A pre-party on the boat in April, and final event in September at KC GRAD. I decided to perform alone on the final event, and play 12 hours without stopping. I will start in the Garden at 6 pm, and from 10 pm will continue in the indoor space of KC GRAD. Incredible Bob will make some crazy visual installation.

Why did you decide to go out of DJing?

I thought a lot about that decision. I just changed my focus, and that is totally normal. I could continue playing music for the next 5, 10 years, but it would not be enjoyable. It has lately taken me more energy and time and given back less fulfillment. You need to be fully into it, and follow the music, the scene. I have been totally out of it for a while now.

Would you consider DJing again in the future?

Not in the near future. In my next life, who knows. 🙂

Enjoy Ewox’s mix for Dirty podcast @RadioAparat || 2018, August.


Author: Tamara Ristic Kezz