Dirty podcast is broadcast every Friday from 10-11 pm at Radio Aparat. With a special deep, dark & dirty concept, we are promoting underground electronic music. 

We are proud to present the latest 76th mix for the ”Dirty podcast”. Our guests are ”THE LAB DOCTORS” duo – DJ Devious and Mikel Wonic, one of the pioneers of the Slovenian  underground sound. Both of them are well experienced performers and producers, who have been a part of the Slovenian electronic music industry for almost two decades. ”The Music Lab”, as they call their main project which has been taking place in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, has attracted many local, regional and global DJs, who came to entertain the loyal lab audience. Apart from their main project, they are also regular guests and co-creators of the ”Warehouse Underground Clubbing”, a series of events hosted by one of the most visited clubs in Ljubljana, Cvetličarna.

”Lab Doctors” have a very interesting sound, what was the influencing factor behind the start of your own production?

Actually we just set down at the table and said: ”let’s start our own production now that we are sure what people want to hear on the dance floor”, so we immediately started making records for the people that believe in the underground sound. While setting our goals for  2018 we decided that releasing a series of our own records is a must. Staying true to what we set our mind to achieve, we released our first record ”Activate EP” with one of the most renowned Spanish record label, ”Beatfreak limited”. Soon, the second record, dedicated to ”THE MUSIC LAB”, was released with a Detroit based ”MuthaFunkerZ” record label. Of course, all the other producers that we like, had a lot to do with it.


How did you start your collaboration with Mikel Wonic?

We were old buddies before this project and he was the one who believed in ”The Music Lab” project before we even started it. His knowledge about the music earned him the nickname ”Lab Doctor” and he put on the white dress that we perform in.

You have to know that we don’t play back to back or ”one versus another” as it is more commonly referred to, we chose our signature playing style to be ”one after another”. Both of us simply play underground music but it has a different sound on the dance floor.


You are part of the Slovenian electronic scene from ‘99. What has changed throughout the years?

The scene has changed a lot, from the music to the people that attend the electronic music parties, but when it comes to music itself I can say, that I am very happy because the underground sound is coming back. We have a lot of commercial music on the radio and on the web, so our fingers are crossed in hope that younger and older people will start searching for music with a deeper meaning.

It seems like the electronic culture in Slovenia hasn’t been that much active in recent years, but you are trying to renew it through ”The Music Lab”. Have you managed to let’s say bring about the appearance of a new audience, and how have they reacted so far?

Undoubtedly in Slovenia the electronic scene is marginalized, you have to really struggle to make something good and worth the effort. We just wish it could be like in our neighboring countries, but we still have hope.
If we talk about ”The Music Lab”, we can say that we have managed to develop the electronic scene because we have attracted many local, regional and global DJs, who came to entertain the loyal lab audience. By doing this we have created a brand that always remains open for people who like electronic music. Let’s try to have as many of those people. Thank you.



Author: Tamara Ristic Kezz