disco not disco


Get ready for another Disco not Disco party in Belgrade at the boat 20/44, on the 19th of July. FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/311476165687077/?fref=ts

William Burnett wears several hats in this game. 

He runs Brooklyn’s own W.T. Records, works at a cult record digging spot (The Thing in Greenpoint), produces records, operates a weekly radio show (WTBS) and DJs at clubs. 

William has been releasing records since 2006 under various monikers; however, his two latest incarnations (Willie Burns and Black Deer) have really turned heads with a string of releases on ultra hot labels such as The Trilogy Tapes, L.I.E.S, Creme Organization, Unknown to the Unknown, Rush Hour, No Label – the list goes on. Willie Burns has hit his stride!

His DJ sets are just as charming as he is: grumpy, yet strangely loveable. House anthems sit next to techno and disco intermixed with obscure forgotten records and the latest unreleased future hits.
◆ WILLIE BURNS (WT records, L.I.E.S. Crème Organization )



◆ ENTRO SENESTRE (live) (WT. records, L.I.E.S. )