belgrade food tour

We are passionate local foodies who would love to show you the best of Belgrade cuisine. Belgrade is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in Europe and its mix of heritage has really influenced the flavours that you will find here.

Discover historical, bohemian and hipster quarters of Dorcol with us!

Photo credits: Marija Velinov

Our food tour includes:

  • Rakia (Serbian national drink) tasting with local finger food
  • 1 Serbian national dish (high-quality meat) with salad
  • 1 big local beer
  • One popular dessert (you can choose flavors)
  • A cup of Coffee or a tea from the most interesting local coffee shops
  • All together 5 drinks and 6 flavors (you will try the best from local cuisine: cheese, ajvar, meat, pogaca, kajmak, salad and more)

In this tour you will get to know more on Dorcol street art, history, culture, architecture and cuisine.

belgrade food tour
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Be a local, not a tourist!


– lasts from 2 to 3 hours (we are very flexible and open for your suggestions)

– walking tour

– available in English and Serbian

– private tour

– price: 40e per person

  • we offer discounts for groups, families and students
  • You can book a tour whenever you want, there are no precise schedules to follow

– make a reservation by sending an email to