The 5th July, closing party at Drugstore club in Belgrade with the special guest Charlton and Filip Xavi. CHARLTON (Mord Records / Krill Music // Rotterdam) 

This season at club Drug§tore has been intense! We were forced to close the doors of our beloved first club in lower Kalemegdan, find a new space, bring it back from oblivion and enjoyed making a chain of diverse international bookings. The time has come to end the second season with a supernova.

In collaboration with a guy whose music picks have continuously proven to be pure gold, Filip Xavi, we are slamming the gates till September with condensed insanity that will take place ONLY at the §econd stage and have Charlton (Mord Records/Krill Music) as the headliner. 

▀ Charlton hails from Rotterdam and at the age of 17 he began chasing the early rave parties which were happening all over Holland. Around 1999 his love for electronic music turned into an obsession and he started DJing. It was around this time that Charlton first came face to face with techno. He started producing and building up his unique sound in 2001. Boosted by the Electronic Music Productions study he took at one of Holland’s best known music production colleges, he started putting his work together for his first live PA, which debuted in 2004. Charlton’s inventive style of producing tracks back then combined techno from “the old days” with his own dark off-beat rhythms. Adding nasty razor-sharp and hypnotizing acid basslines to this creating a truly unique, ‘Charlton’ sound which had a great impact on Dutch techno scene. He was soon playing all over the place with with gigs and residencies across Holland and has since then played at various cutting-edge parties such as Awakenings, Heroes of Techno, Qbase, Detached etc. Moving to London gave Charlton New experience and a clearer point of view to understand the essence of techno music. Charlton’s tracks have been released on labels such as, Audio Assault, Arms, Labrynth, Aftertaste Pohjola, Krill music, and Mord. His first ever EP “Slowdown Basterd” received top support when it came out in August 2010 on M_Rec. Moreover, ”Black Slong” has been featured on Norman Nodge’s Berghain 06 compilation.

▀ Filip Xavi made his initial breakthrough as a member of Belgrade’s Concrete DJz collective, of which he was member since the group’s conception in 2003, until 2011. Since then his solo productions were published on labels such as: Dynamic Reflection, Trust Recordings, Subsequent Rec and Panel Trax. Predicting the wave of dark onerous techno that was about to hit the clubs in Europe, Filip started Teskoba Recordings in 2008, conceived as a platform for the techno sound of the future. His first solo EP “Inline Agents” for a renowned Spanish label Subsist Records was released in early 2013. Half a year later he released the follow-up EP for Sonntag Morgen records. The releases got a great reception among the current players in the techno scene gaining support from the likes of: Dimi Angélis, Jeroen Search, DVS1, Pfirter, Electric Indigo, Dave Clarke, ROD, Kriz, Adriana Lopez, Dasha Rush, Jonas Kopp, Tommy Four Seven and many more.

▀ Pharmacist aka Thinker is producing on the Grinch Productions electronic bass music label hailing from Stratford, US, and is a part of the Mystic Stylez crew.

300 rsd before midnight
500 rsd after midnight

▀ NEW ADDRESS: Bulevar Despota Stefana 115 – Poenkareova
(first/last stop of buses: 33, 37, 48, 58)

▀ MAP: