Drugstore Belgrade is launching a new booking agency that gathered a number of our finest and the most aspiring acts in order to promote the local music scene and help it’s expanding.  Recognizing the big potential of residents  with willingness to engage with the music from this perspective as well, Drugstore crew has decided to assemble all of them under club’s new agency.

DJs, music producers, composers and sound artists, and a visual experience designer – residents have a wide range of styles, skills, and interests moving through different explored and unexplored fields of music. From hypothetical discotheque, turbo folk mantras that meet esoteric rituals, sonic occult modular and deconstructed psychedelic techno with deadly rhythms, electro-acoustic and radiophonic compositions, live performances and installations, cassete type sound manipulation, eclectic visceral music, new collaborations on modular synthesis, incredible visuals, to local techno pillars and DJs that are known for and loved from different types of crowds.

Most of them already have prolific and recognized careers, some are the audience’s favorites, some are more known in specific circles but they are all marked by originality and share our passion for music.

The artist who are confirmed to this point are: Filip Xavi, Kristijan Molnar, Jan Nemecek, A//O, Mangulica FM, STEPNIAK, 33.10.3402, Kir, Lenhart Tapes, Svetlana Maras, Luka Kozlovacki and visual experience designer Incredible Bob.

For that reason, we are happy to invite you to the first Booking Agency Launch Party in Drugstore on the 29th of June when all of our residents will be presented under the same banner for the first time.